The 8 Components of Wellness – Intellectual


A very important aspect of whole wellness is intellectual stimulation.  The brain is a wonderfully complex organ, capable of changing and adapting as a result of new experiences, a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity .

You can grow new neurons by doing the following:

  • Using the computer mouse with your non-dominant hand;
  • Writing with your non-dominant hand;
  • Learn a language;
  • Learn an instrument;
  • Play board games;
  • Do crossword puzzles;
  • Play Scrabble;
  • Learn a new skill–rollerblading, ice skating, swimming

Being able to think clearly and critically as we age is extremely important.  There are predators out there who pray on the elderly because they are assumed to be easy targets–feeble-minded and forgetful.  This doesn’t have to be!  Keep that gray matter growing!

Jim Kwik teaches courses on learning, check out his video (one of many) here.

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