— 25 years experience in the healing arts

Deidre Ann Johnson – founder of The Wellness Hub NYC, has been working in the healing arts as both a physical therapist and massage therapist for 25 years.

Deidre took her previous experience working in hospitals, private practices and nursing homes to set up The Wellness Hub NYC, to provide care in an alternative way by taking a mind-body approach. We will discuss all possible stressors that may be contributing to your physical pain and offer possible solutions.

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Mission Statement & Vision

The Wellness Hub NYC is committed to becoming a leader in the wellness/industry space by providing you with unparalleled therapeutic support to restore and maintain a vibrant, energetic lifestyle.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has long been thought of as a luxury but no longer. The daily stressors of life reside in our bodies and can cause long term ill-effects. Call us for relief.

Ergonomic Assessments

Once upon a time, ergonomics was relegated to brick and mortar office environments. Now, we consider the home office in addition to other areas where ergonomics is important. Let us set you up for success.

Physical Therapy

We specialize in resolving musculoskeletal pain syndromes caused by poor alignment and restoring muscular imbalances. Call us today.



"Four years ago, Deidre Johnson was instrumental in saving my life. I was experiencing severe lower back pain and rib cage soreness. She gave me exercises to practice at home and administered deep tissue massage to these areas which significantly reduced my pain.  However, the relief was temporary and despite my fear of doctors, Deidre strongly encouraged me to see one ("strongly encouraged" as in I knew I would not be able to face her again if I did not follow through).  Had it not been for her astute ability to discern the needs of my health condition, I would have never learned I had breast cancer.  Thank you, Deidre, for saving my life."

- Carol L.


"I had been having problems with falling asleep or waking up after falling asleep and not being able to get back to sleep. I tried prescription sleep medications but they didn't help. Deidre talked with me at length and asked me very specific questions about my lifestyle. She then designed a very detailed program  for me to help improve my quality of sleep. Her recommendations have been very helpful."

- Ken B.
Cary, NC


"Deidre worked with us over the span of several months amassing data that we used to update our employee job descriptions which was somewhat out the of box as far as ergonomics is concerned. She listened to what it was that we said WE needed versus what SHE thought we needed. Every team member who worked with her had nothing but amazing things to say about their experience. We appreciated her flexibility and passion as well as the results she delivered, especially while providing a service unique to our company. We would absolutely work with her again and recommend her to anyone looking for ergonomics training or a physical analysis of a job."



"I'm a producer/musician and called Deidre out of desperation--my neck pain was getting prohibitive and my back, I have a herniated disc, began to act up. She came, made a few adjustments to my space and showed me exercises to do. She's tough love so I did what she told me to do and now I'm pain free!"

FulleeLoaded Productions


"I've been a massage therapy client of Deidre's for many years and I can tell you, no one has better hands and intuition about the body than she does. She helped me through a running injury years ago and I've been great ever since."

Singer, Borkestra

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