Our Approach

If you’re experiencing back, hip, or shoulder pain unrelated to a health condition or injury, the problem could be your body’s alignment. That’s where ergonomics comes in. 

While most of us associate it with workspaces within an office or at home, ergonomics can be applied to more than a desk chair or keypad position.​ We think of ergonomics in terms of where your body spends a significant amount of time. 

Here are some of the important areas we evaluate:

  • Living room: Do you sink into your couch or loveseat when you sit? How much, if any, back support do they provide?
  • Bedroom: Is your mattress too firm or too soft? Are you using the right pillows for optimal sleep alignment?
  • Den: Where is your TV positioned in relation to where you are sitting?
  • Car: If you drive frequently, how is your steering wheel positioned in relation to your seat? Is your seat providing good back support?

These are just some of the areas we look at, depending on your specific needs. After all, this is about you. 

Covid-19 Guidelines

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$200/hour which includes the following:

Client interview to discern current problems;​

Comprehensive report which includes risk factors, adjustments and recommendations for equipment;

Personalized stretches and exercises

How It Works

Ergonomic assessments are typically performed on-site in your home or office because it allows us to more efficiently evaluate multiple spaces if needed. 

However, due to Covid-19, we are also happy to offer assessments remotely via Zoom or Skype. If performing remotely, it is best to use the Skype or Zoom app on your phone so you can freely move about to the areas in question.

During either your at-home or remote session, we’ll discuss your areas of pain and observe how your body aligns in the key areas of your home–your workspace, your living room or den, and your bedroom. Any one of these spaces could be the source of your discomfort.

After your assessment, we’ll send you a comprehensive written report with a summary of your risk factors, a list of our recommendations, links to helpful articles and products, and personalized stretches or exercises for pain management.

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