The 8 Components of Wellness – Environmental


The next component of wellness that needs to be in balance is environmental.  We can think of environmental wellness in two ways:  The first is micro and the second is macro.

Micro wellness is the way you keep your home environment.  Is it clean and orderly?  Do you keep dishes piled up in the sink? Is your refrigerator clean?  How about your work desk?  Are there piles of paper everywhere?   Your outer world matches your inner world.  If your home and work environments are chaotic, chances are very strong that there is an inner storm happening as well.

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Macro wellness refers to the way you interact with the Earth.  How large is your carbon footprint? Do you eat sustainably? When you dine out, do you choose farm to table restaurants?  Ones that have grass-fed  and TRULY organic food items?  How about supporting your local farmers at the green market?

Do you litter?  Do you know that people actually still litter?  I’ve seen people throw bags of garbage out of their car windows!!!

Be mindful with how you treat your home/work environments as well as how you treat our Earth.  It really matters.

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