The 8 Components of Wellness: Financial


If you want to embrace wellness on all levels, you must pay attention to your financial well-being.  Money is the currency that we use in exchange for goods and services.  If you are living from hand to mouth and/or paycheck to paycheck, you’re not living, you are existing in a highly stressed state.

Worry about whether or not you can afford the basic necessities of life, food and shelter, can lead to lack of sleep, anxiety, panic, shame and depression.  Money stress can also lead to physical illnesses like migraines and cardiovascular disease.

Follow these tips to make sure you are taking care of your financial wellness:

  • Know what you are earning and spending so you can budget;
  • If you are already in debt, stop digging the hole-get some assistance in getting rid of your debt and STOP using credit cards.  Why? Because you spend more when you use them.  Use cash instead;
  • Live below your means;
  • Pay yourself first – money for an emergency fund; money in your IRA; money in your brokerage account.  The amount doesn’t matter just make it a habit;
  • Don’t buy into the holidays, especially if you can’t afford them.  Think creatively about how you can make them memorable without spending money that you could be saving for your future;
  • Think about your future–it’s coming whether you are giving it your proper attention or not.  You’re gonna wake up there one day–will you have enough money to be comfortable or worried about how you’re going to survive?

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