Spark Up Your Lovelife…With Massage!



Has intimacy with your partner taken a nose dive?  Tired and bored of the same old routine and need to spice things up? Consider couples massage!

The act of simply touching to provide comfort or relaxation can lead to more intimacy with or without more, ahem, vigorous pursuits.  Try this:

Scalp massage:

There is just something about someone else’s fingers massaging your scalp that feels delicious! I know that getting my hair washed by my hair dresser feels soooooo much better than when I do it myself.

Sit on the couch with your partner sitting on the floor between your legs or lying on your lap.  Get those fingers to moving that scalp around while you both are watching Netflix.

Shoulder/neck massage:

With your partner sitting on the floor, use your thumbs to massage the neck muscles alongside the cervical spine starting from the base of the skull down to where you see the prominent C7 vertebra (don’t massage the vertebra). Use circular movements of your thumbs up and down these muscles that are often strained and painful (from excessive use of the computer and/or cellphone with poor posture).

Once you have massaged the neck, drop on down to the upper trapezius muscles (your shrugging muscles).  Pretend like you’re kneading dough, caressing and releasing from the neck towards the arm.

Hand massage:

Think about your hands and what they do on a daily basis…they push, pull, grip, grab, hold heavy objects, carry heavy objects, type, write, slice, dice…the list goes on and on.  Time to give those hands some love.

Sit on the couch and just take your partner’s hand.  Begin by massaging the palm of their hand with your thumbs paying special attention to the thenar eminence, that muscular bulge that moves your thumb towards your palm.

Leave the palm and do a gentle circular glide from the base of the thumb to the tip by holding with your thumb and index finger.  When you get to the tip, give a little pull to distract the joint a little.  Continue that with each finger.

Foot massage:

Reflexology is a discipline based solely (pun intended) on the feet.  In Chinese medicine, the theory is that different body parts correspond to specific pressure points on the foot and that qi (energy) can manipulated to go where it needs to go to maintain good health.

However, you don’t need to go to a reflexologist to have your feet massaged!  That’s what partners are for!

For the receiver, be considerate and wash your feet!!  Nothing more needs to be said.  Once they are clean and dry, just plop them on your partner’s lap, lay back and relax!  Unless, of course, you are so ticklish that the thought of it makes you cringe.

As the giver, a firm touch works much better than a soft one.  Use your thumbs to apply firm pressure from the heels to the mid foot (about where the arch is) and along the “knuckles” of each toe.  You can gently pull each toe giving a little distraction.

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