Massage – How Often Should You Be Receiving One?


“How often should I get a massage?”  is a question that I am asked frequently.  I usually answer every 6 weeks, however, it depends on what’s going on in your life.

If you are under a fair amount of stress at work and you can swing it, aim to schedule a massage once a week or once every two weeks.   The endorphins released by massage can alleviate stress in both the body and the mind and  diminish the levels of cortisol that build up in the body during times of increased stress and anxiety.




Athletes in training should aim to receive a massage every 4 weeks.  Massage helps maintain myofascial mobility, reduce swelling and lessen muscle tension.  Post-event massage is also helpful to lessen  delayed onset muscle soreness.




Massage is no longer considered a luxury for the wealthy or as something to receive on special occasions.  It is a modality that is essential to good health and well-being.  Put it in your budget–you’re worth it!

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