Masseuse/Masseur vs. Massage Therapist–Is There a Difference?


Every now and then some one refers to me as a masseuse and I always correct them with massage therapist.  Is there a difference?

Technically, no.  Masseuse is French for a woman who does massage and masseur refers to a man.  However, masseuse tends to carry a negative connotation with images of a “happy endings” being performed in basement parlors.

I remember the push to use the term massage therapist in the late 90’s.  As a profession, we knew that the title massage therapist distanced us, in the collective mind of the public,  from the unsavory world of unlicensed bodyworkers.

Massage therapists undergo rigorous training from an accredited school culminating with an exam to receive a diploma of completion and a license from the Education Department.

If you are ever in doubt about the qualifications of a person who proports to be a massage therapist, request to see their license.

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